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Rules & Regulations

Whether you are a principal of a middle school, high school or elementary school a list of non-negotiable school rules that students are expected to follow are imperative to a safe and secure learning school environment. These "golden" rules may encompass proper behavior on school property and include policies on personal appearance. And because no two schools are alike, Principals Essentials offers custom content posters that can be tailored to the meet the needs of your individual school
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Set school policy for all visitors entering your school to see.
item# WELB
School Rules & School Regulations Poster
Setting School Policy and School wide Expectations.
item# K16
Internet Safety Pledge Poster
Student pledge & promote safe, responsible use of social media.
item# W19
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Poster
TOP SELLER! Take the Bully Prevention Pledge.
item# B48
Dress Code Rules Poster
Edit or create your own set of school dress rules.
item# D14
School Rules & School Regulations Poster
Write your own set of school rules and regualutions.
item# D18
Custom Follow the Rules Poster
Write your own set of follow the rules with your school name.
item# D17
Customized School Dress Code
Write your own set of school rules.
item# D16
School-wide Behavioral Expectations  Poster
Edit or create your own school-wide behavioral expectations.
item# D19
Dress for Success.
Stress the importance of dressing for success.
item# D13
Wardrobe Malfunction.
Promote a better school atmosphere.
item# D11
Dress Appropriately.
Teach students how to dress appropriately.
item# D15
Fashion Violation Poster
Dress codes help students concentrate less on clothes & more on academics.
item# D12
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