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4 Ways to Improve  Your Language.
4 Ways to Improve Your Language.

4 Ways to Improve Your Language.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Language.
1. Learn New Words
Start by creating a vocabulary notebook. Write new words and make sentences in an effective way to remember the meanings of words in a context.
2. Make Connections
Discover and add more difficult words to your everyday life.  You will realize that different words have meanings similar to the ones you have learned before.
3. Build Your Library
Use your new words in your everyday life. After you have added scores of words to your word power library, weave them into your thought patterns to help you remember them better.
4. Use Combinations
Understand the nuances and connotations when you combine your newly discovered words in sentences. It is important to be able to summon these words and use them in practical contexts.
The Words We choose Speak Volumes.

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