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Bully Prevention Posters

The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. An effective Bully Prevention Poster campaign that raises awareness can help reduce bullying by 20%. Start an awareness program today. Set school-wide procedures, empower victimized students and promote safe, anti-bully behavior.
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Internet Safety Pledge Poster
Student pledge & promote safe, responsible use of social media.
item# W19
Sign to Stop Bullying Banner with School Logo
Students sign this 42"x 80" vinyl banner and pledge to stop bullying.
item# B66
Take Steps to Stop Bullying Banner
Start bully prevention month off on the right foot with a colorful banner! Take steps to help students stop bullying in school.
item# B67
Tips to Stop Cyber-Bullying Poster
Help students team up against cyber-bullying. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe and happy in school and life.
item# B68
Being Bullied? Don’t Despair.
Provide resources for suicide prevention and crisis intervention solutions.
item# B62
Being Bullied? You’re Not Alone!
Encourage students to unite for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
item# B63
Team Up to STOP Bullying
Encourage students to team up and unite against bullying. Every student deserves the right to feel safe and happy in school.
item# B65
STOP-a-Bully Sign
Set school-wide bully prevention procedures & expectations.
item# B45
STOP-a-Bully Brick Poster
Set clear bully prevention school procedures.
item# B54
STOP-a-Bully Wall Poster
Instruct students how to deal with school bullies.
item# B47
STOP-a-Bully Handy Ways Poster
Help raise awareness to stop school bullying.
item# B57
Be a Buddy, not a Bully.
Show kindness to stop school bullying. Reach out to students victimized by a bully.
item# B59
Don't let a cyber-bully push your buttons.
Stop cyber-bullying and put bullies on notice! Try our school bully prevent posters.
item# B44
Take a stand against bullying Poster
Encourages students to speak out against bullying.
item# B39
Break the silence, speak out against teen violence.
Encourage students to speak out against school violence.
item# B43
Don't let one bad apple spoil your day.
No one should be afraid to go to school.
item# B41
Don't let one bad egg make you feel rotten.
Encourage students to speak about school violence.
item# B42
Don't let a bad character text you.
Every day, 60,000 students miss school due to fear or intimidation by a bully.
item# B40
Be a Friend, NOT Bystander Poster
Discourage students from posting cruel video content.
item# B38
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Poster
TOP SELLER! The Bully Prevention Pledge. Set clear bully prevention procedures and student behavioral expectations. Put bullies on notice!
item# B48
STOP-a-Bully Quotes Poster
Promote healthy discussions on bully prevention.
item# B46
STOP-a-Bully Hand Poster
Encourage a hands on approach to bully prevention.
item# B51
STOP-a-Bully Hands Vinyl Banner
Promote clear school procedures & discussions on bullying.
item# B49
STOP-a-Bully Tree Poster
Start a growing movement to stop bullying.
item# B52
STOP-a-Bully Tree Vinyl Banner
Lend a Hand to Stop a Bully.
item# B58
It Takes a School to Stop a Bully Banner
Encourage students to team up and unite against bullying in school with custom banner.
item# B69
Think Before You Post Banner
Encourage students to practice proper social media etiquette with a custom banner.
item# B70
Stop Bully Bad Egg Banner
Encourage students to stop bullying in school with a colorful banner.
item# B71
STOP Bullying Tree Vertical Banner
Encourage students to lend a hand to stop bullying with a growing movement banner.
item# B53
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Cards<br>500 Wallet-size Cards
Help students pledge & commit to stop bullying.
item# B50
Stop Bully Gossip Poster
Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people. Encourage students to speak out against bullying.
item# B55
STOP-a-Bully Pointers Poster
Point out ways to stop school bullying.
item# B56
Stop-a-bully Wristbands<br>(50 Wristbands)
Students commit to bully prevention by wearing the bully wrist band.
item# B61
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