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Bully Prevention Posters

The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. An effective campaign that raises awareness can help reduce bullying by 20%. Start an awareness program today. Set school-wide procedures, empower victimized students and promote safe behavior. All posters are printed on durable, plastic coated paper.
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STOP-a-Bully Sign
Set school-wide bully prevention procedures & expectations.
item# B45
Being Bullied? Don’t Despair.
Provide resources for suicide prevention and crisis intervention solutions.
item# B62
Being Bullied? You’re Not Alone!
Encourage students to unite for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
item# B63
Team Up to STOP Bullying
Encourage students to team up and unite against bullying. Every student deserves the right to feel safe and happy in school.
item# B65
STOP-a-Bully Brick Poster
Set clear bully prevention school procedures.
item# B54
STOP-a-Bully Wall Poster
Instruct students how to deal with school bullies.
item# B47
STOP-a-Bully Handy Ways Poster
Help raise awareness to stop school bullying.
item# B57
Be a Buddy, not a Bully.
Show kindness to stop school bullying. Reach out to students victimized by a bully.
item# B59
Don't let a cyber-bully push your buttons.
Stop cyber-bullying and put bullies on notice! Try our school bully prevent posters.
item# B44
Take a stand against bullying Poster
Encourages students to speak out against bullying.
item# B39
Break the silence, speak out against teen violence.
Encourage students to speak out against school violence.
item# B43
Don't let one bad apple spoil your day.
No one should be afraid to go to school.
item# B41
Don't let one bad egg make you feel rotten.
Encourage students to speak about school violence.
item# B42
Don't let a bad character text you.
Every day, 60,000 students miss school due to fear or intimidation by a bully.
item# B40
Be a Friend, NOT Bystander Poster
Discourage students from posting cruel video content.
item# B38
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Poster
TOP SELLER! Take the Bully Prevention Pledge.
item# B48
STOP-a-Bully Quotes Poster
Promote healthy discussions on bully prevention.
item# B46
STOP-a-Bully Hand Poster
Encourage a hands on approach to bully prevention.
item# B51
STOP-a-Bully Hands Vinyl Banner
Promote clear school procedures & discussions on bullying.
item# B49
STOP-a-Bully Tree Poster
Start a growing movement to stop bullying.
item# B52
STOP-a-Bully Tree Vinyl Banner
Lend a Hand to Stop a Bully.
item# B58
STOP-a-Bully Tree Vinyl Banner
Encourage students to lend a hand to stop bullying.
item# B53
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Cards<br>500 Wallet-size Cards
Help students pledge & commit to stop bullying.
item# B50
Stop Bully Gossip Poster
Encourage students to talk about ways to stop bullying.
item# B55
STOP-a-Bully Pointers Poster
Point out ways to stop school bullying.
item# B56
Stop-a-bully Wristbands<br>(50 Wristbands)
Students commit to bully prevention by wearing the bully wrist band.
item# B61
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