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Custom Follow the Rules Poster
Custom Follow the Rules Poster

Custom Follow the Rules Poster

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1. Team players follow the rules.  Do not bring electronic devices including cell phones, toys, food, beverages, and hooded tops to school. As per School Regulations these items, including cell phones, will be temporarily confiscated. Always be a team player!

2. Excellence begins with you!  Follow the school dress code with pride every day! Torn jeans or clothes are not allowed. Pants must be belted at the waist. Coats, jackets, scarves, hats, beads, bandanas, and du-rags will be locked in your locker or closet without exception until dismissal.

3. Respect for all others.  You may not eat or drink in any classroom. You must have a signed/dated pass from a teacher, dean, or an administrator in order to be legally out of your class. There is Zero Tolerance for physical and/or verbal violence, including cyber bullying.

4. Never forget that your mission.  Come to school prepared to do outstanding work each and every day. This includes having a book bag, required textbooks, agenda, a pen, a pencil, a notebook and all homework and classwork assignments.

5. Successful students are punctual.  Students must report to school on time and be ready to learn. Ready to Learn means be in your assigned seat on time, book bag off, notebook/pen out, quietly listening to announcements, ready to start the day.

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