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Don't Drop Out Posters

With the pressure many students face from so many different avenues in today’s hectic world, it is no wonder so many children are dropping out of high school each year. Education Week Magazine reports that over 3 million children drop our of our high school system annually. Giving your students the little extra motivation they need to stay the course and graduate may be much simpler than you think. When surrounded by frequent and positive motivation, students can be empowered to achieve anything they put their mind to. By posting our “Don’t Drop Out” posters around the hallways, counseling offices, or classrooms of your school, you may be able to inspire some of your students to push through their struggles and stay in school.
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Graduation Road Vinyl Banner
Help students better prepare for the road to college.
item# G56
Best Reasons Vinyl Banner
Promote the best reasons to go to college in your school.
item# G57
Keep Success in Sight.
Encourage students to set their sights on graduating.
item# G38
Dress for Success.
Encourage students to graduate & dress for success.
item# G36
Great Minds Think Alike!
Encourage students to stay in school & graduate.
item# G37
Increase Your Potential Poster
Encourage students to reach their full college potential.
item# G53
College Path Poster
Point out the path to a higher education.
item# G58
Great Minds Think Alike!
Encourage young students to stay in school.
item# G35
Staying in school can lead to a brighter future.
Encourage students to stay in school & graduate.
item# G34
Increase your odds of a successful future.
A diploma increases students' odds for a successful future.
item# G31
Students that graduate achieve better financial success.
item# G33
Get ahead with a solid education.
Students that graduate school have more solid futures.
item# G32
Dream, Plan, Achieve.
Encourage students to achieve success by graduating.
item# G40
Road to Graduation Poster
Encourage students to stay on the road to graduation.
item# G41
Go Further with a College Diploma.
Help direct students to a college education and a higher salary.
item# G54
Preparing for College Poster
Early preperation helps better prepare students for college.
item# G50
Right Track to College Poster
Get students started on the right track to college.
item# G49
Connect Better with College Poster
Helps students make better college connections.
item# G48
Grow Your Mind Poster
Plant the seed of a college education.
item# G47
Focus on Success Poster
Help students focus their sight on a higher education.
item# G52
Double your income for Life Poster
Students that graduate earn twice as much.
item# G45
Key to College Success Poster
Give students the key to a better financial future.
item# G44
Success is in the Card Poster
Encourage students to prepare early for college.
item# G61
Success is in the Cards Poster
These students are holding their NEW college ID cards. Try our college motivation posters!
item# G62
Raise your chances of a higher education.
Raise student awareness about college readiness. See our college ready posters!
item# G63
Picture Yourself with a College Diploma.
Many renown people have mastered the technique of positive visualization and openly credit it as a success tactic.
item# G65
Imagine Yourself with a College Diploma.
Top performers, like Michael Jordan, knew the importance of picturing themselves succeeding before they actually did it.
item# G66
Take Pride with a College Diploma.
A daily practice of visualizing your dreams as completed can accelerate your achievement of those goals.
item# G67
Get Your Hands on a College Diploma.
Research suggests if you can't picture yourself being successful, chances are you never will. Help students visualize success.
item# G68
Top Reasons to Go to College Poster
Give students 3 top reasons to go to college.
item# G43
Face a Future in College Poster
Help students solve the college preparation puzzle.
item# G42
Get an early jump on college Poster
Encourage students to prepare early for college.
item# G51
College Enriches Your Life Poster
Help students realize a wealth of opportunities.
item# G46
Top Reasons Vinyl Banner
Give students top reasons to go to college.
item# G55
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