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Dress Code Rules Poster
Dress Code Rules Poster

Dress Code Rules Poster

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1. No Bare feet, appropriate footwear is required.
2. No See-through clothing or bare midriff.
3. No Shorts and skirts more than 3" above the knee.
4. No Alcohol, drug advertisements, or profanities.
5. No Hats, caps, or stocking caps worn inside the building.
6. No Clothing that shows disrespect for the American Flag.
7. No Tank tops with less than 3" shoulders or large arm holes.
8. No Gang-related attire.
9. Hair Color should be a natural color (no blue, pink, etc.)
10. No Inappropriately ripped or torn clothing.
11. Pants must be belted at the waist.
12. No Body piercing allowed in school. (except for ear piercing)

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