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Sleep is extremely important for helping the brain to work normally, and this is especially the case for teenagers. According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 15% of teens get the recommended 8½ hours of sleep on school nights. When teens don’t get enough sleep, they will be prone to suffer from consequences such as an inhibited ability to learn and concentrate, moodiness, behavior problems, and drowsy driving. None of these conditions are ideal in the school environment, so wise administrators and teachers look for ways to teach kids about healthy sleep habits.
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Put Exercise on Your Playlist.
item# E52
Stress the importance of daily exercise.
Got Exercise on Your Brain?
item# E51
Educate students on the importance of exercising.
Smart Play
item# E53
Encourage regular exercise to boost health.
Exercise is Good for Your Weight.
item# E54
Stress the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.
Give your brain a rest and do better on a test.
item# S22
Proper rest has a direct effect on student performance.
Feed your body right, sleep 8 hours at night.
item# S21
Students do better on tests with 8 hours of rest.
Catching Your Z's at night could lead to an A+
item# S23
Students achieve better success with proper rest.
Sitting on Higher Grade
item# S25
Students achieve better grades through sitting posture.
Make your dreams succeed, get the rest you need.
item# S24
Sleep 8 hours at night to be your best.
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