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Famous Quotes Banners

Famous Quotes Vinyl Banners that will Inspire and Motivate Your Students.
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Hispanic Heritage Vinyl Banner
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with a colorful banner honoring these real heroes. (Sept 15-Oct 15)
item# HH4
Cesar Chavez Vinyl Banner
American Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist
item# Q34
Malala Yousafzai<br>Vinyl Banner
Pakistani Women's Rights Activist & Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
item# Q29
Helen Keller <br>Vinyl Banner
American Author & Political Activist
item# Q28
Mae Jemison <br>Vinyl Banner
First African-American Woman Astronaut
item# Q27
Emily Dickinson Vinyl Banner
item# Q25
Marie Curie<br>Vinyl Banner
Chemist & Physicist
item# Q26
Eleanor Roosevelt<br>Vinyl Banner
U. S. First Lady & Political Activist
item# Q23
Nelson Mandela<br>Vinyl Banner
South African Political Activist
item# Q10
Franklin D. Roosevelt<br>Vinyl Banner
32nd President of the United States
item# Q32
George Washington<br>Vinyl Banner
First President of the United States
item# Q33
Thomas Jefferson<br>Vinyl Banner
Third President of the United States
item# Q31
Martin Luther King, Jr. <br>Vinyl Banner</br>
American Civil Rights Activist
item# Q12
Sonia Sotomayor<br>Vinyl Banner
U. S. Supreme Court Justice
item# Q24
Alexander Graham Bell<br>Vinyl Banner
American Scientist & Inventor
item# Q22
Thomas A. Edison<br>Vinyl Banner
American Inventor
item# Q21
William Shakespeare<br>Vinyl Banner
English Poet & Playwright
item# Q20
Albert Einstien Vinyl Banner
German Theoretical Physicist
item# Q18
George Washington Carver<br>Vinyl Banner
American Scientist & Inventor
item# Q17
Benjamin Franklin<br>Vinyl Banner
American Politician & Author
item# Q16
Ralph Waldo Emerson<br>Vinyl Banner
American Author & Poet
item# Q15
Mahatma Gandhi<br>Vinyl Banner
Indian Independence Activist
item# Q14
Abraham Lincoln<br>Vinyl Banner
U. S. President & Civil Rights Activist
item# Q13
MLK Jr. Famous Quote Banner <br>Vinyl Banner</br>
Civil Rights Activist who led the way to racial inequality. See school banner!
item# Q30
Maya Angelou<br>Vinyl Banner
American Author & Poet
item# Q11
Women's History Month Banner
Celebrate Women's History month all year round.
item# WH3
Black History Vinyl Banner
Celebrate Black History with a custom banner. Get kids acquainted with history.
item# BH2
National Poetry Month Vinyl Banner-April
Celebrate April's Poetry Month with a vinyl banner.
item# HP6
Educational Posters