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Health & Nutrition

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17% of all American children and teenagers are considered obese. One of the best ways of addressing the obesity epidemic is to educate people and help them to develop healthy diet and exercise habits. The dangers of COVID have increased for students with obesity.
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    Student overweight and obesity now affects more than 30 percent of the population, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood.
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    Break the "peer pressure barrier" that students experience with REAL facts.
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Elbow Bump Appreciation Banner
Elbow Bumps of Appreciation to All Teachers! Show appreciation for teachers or staff .
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Smart choice to Eat Healthy Poster
Encourage students to make healthier food choices.
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Food for Thought Poster
Better nutrition is the best school of thought.
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Well-Rouded Diet Poster
Stress the importance of a balance diet.
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Germ Buster Poster
Hand washing is an easy way to prevent the spread of germs.
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