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High School Behavioral Matrix Poster
High School Behavioral Matrix Poster

High School Behavioral Matrix Poster

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Poster Copy
- Listen to others without interrupting
- Speak to staff and teachers appropriately
- Respect opinions and expressions of others
- Be considerate of performers and those around you
- Applaud appropriately
- Talk quietly without yelling
- Ask permission before touching others belongings or food
- wait your turn
- Cooperate with staff and students
- Use appropriate language with peers and staff
- Be considerate of classes in session
- Use a quiet voice
- Keep Clean
- Speak appropriately to school aides
- Respect privacy
- Speak to Staff Members appropriately
- Ask permission to use equipment
- Appreciate books and materials
- Come to class on time
- Be prepared and organized
- Complete assigned tasks
- Enter, exit and sit down in an orderly way
- Stay with your class at all times
- Listen attentively
- Sit assigned table
- Clean up after yourself
- Use good table manners
- Follow instructions
- Participate
- Listen to the whistle
-Move quickly and quietly
- Use appropriate language
- Pay attention
- Have a pass
- Go only when you have to and observe time limit
- Flush and wash your hands
- Be patient
- Return materials on time and to appropriate area
- Be helpful and encourage others
 - Be patient and wait your turn
- Encourage participants
- Be cooperative
- Be patient
- Keep gossip and bully free zone
- Exercise good sportsmanship
- Play fairly
- Help others who may be struggling
- Wait your turn
- Cooperate with all staff and students
- Wait your turn
- Share with others
- Embrace all classmates and be compassionate
- Be considerate to those around you
- Always clap at the end of a performance
- Appreciate the food servers
- Share when possible 
- Be considerate to those around you
- Enjoy time with others
- Encourage all students to participate and try their best
- Say excuse me when necessary
- Be helpful
- Be polite and courteous to staff and other students using the bathroom
- Be appreciative
- Help each other
- Stay seated during lessons
- Use class materials appropriately
- Follow directions
- Keep your hands to yourself
- Use utensils appropriately
- Enter/Exit in an orderly fashion
- Safety First
- Respect personal space
- Follow contact rules for each sport
- Walk calmly from place to place
- Be polite stay to the right
- Report any wet areas
 - Drinking and eating are prohibited.

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