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Principals Essentials knows that when students get home the last thing they want to do is more schoolwork. But we also know how important homework is to the overall development of a student and their understanding of a certain subject. Some subject material is simply too vast to be completely covered in the classroom, which is why students sometimes have to take their education into their own hands with the help of their teachers and Principals Essentials.
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Obama did his homework Poster
Obama hizo su Tarea.
item# H82-5
Obama did his Homework.
Homework can help students develop better leadership qualities.
item# H83
Neil did his Homework.
Homework can help students achieve new heights in learning.
item# H81
Susan did her Homework.
Educate students on the importance of doing homework.
item# H85
George did his Homework.
Homework can help enhance a student's academic growth.
item# H80
The Wright Homework.
Homework helps students develop the right skills for a higher level of academic performance.
item# H86
Abe did his Homework.
Homework is an important tool to help students review and practice the skills taught in school.
item# H87
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