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I Want a Whale! - Book by Nick Vianna
I Want a Whale! - Book by Nick Vianna

I Want a Whale! - Book by Nick Vianna

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I Want a Whale!
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It’s a big day for Lexi. Her father promised to buy her whatever pet she wants—and Lexi intends to hold her father to his word. Lexi doesn’t want a fluffy cat, or even a little hamster. She wants a whale! And she has all sorts of plans for what she and her new pet whale will do together. So off Lexi’s father goes, searching high and low, near and far, for the perfect whale. When he finally finds one and orders it, the whale’s arrival throws the whole town into upheaval—and causes quite a stir! A charming picture book perfect for bedtime, I Want a Whale serves as a lighthearted look at the interplay between children’s boundless imaginations and the limitations that parents set—or exceed. Entertaining for parents and children alike, this book raises humorous but important questions about fantasy, reality, our on demand expectations, and the impact on our families, our communities, and on the earth.

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