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Internet Safety Posters

Today's social media networking revolution is putting many schools at risk. Promote safe and responsible use with our Internet risk awareness posters. Set school policy on video posting, remind students of internet dangers and teach proper social media etiquette.

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Texting while driving is for dummies.
Educate students on the dangers of texting while driving.
item# W22
The Downfalls of Distracted Walking.
Educate students on the dangers of distracted walking.
item# W23
Healthy Digital Lifestyle Banner
Take steps to help students maintain a healthy digital lifestyle.
item# W24
Think Before You
Build awareness & help students identify online predators.
item# W20
Have you seen your friends' Face Booked?
Protect students from cyber-bullies and online strangers.
item# W21
Internet Safety Pledge Poster
Student pledge & promote safe, responsible use of social media.
item# W19
Be a friend, NOT a bystander Poster
Discourage students from posting cruel video content. Empower bully victims.
item# W16
Never Upload content that LOOKS BAD on YOU.
Educate students on the danger of posting inappropriate content.
item# W17
Never share private information with strangers.
Educate students on the danger of posting personal information.
item# W18
Never send text you wouldn't want everyone to see.
Educate students on the danger of posting personal information.
item# W11
It's 10 o'clock. Do you know who's reading your text?
Warn students about texting strangers & internet predators.
item# W14
Texting can lead to a sentence.
Promote responsible use of the texting & the penalties of its misuse.
item# W13
Inappropriate texting can attract some bad characters.
Educate students about common tactics online predators may use.
item# W12
Is your social networking making you antisocial?
Set clear guidelines for socially responsible cell phone use.
item# W15
Internet Safety Pledge 500 Wallet-size Cards
Set clear, responsible guidelines for internet use.
item# W50
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