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Know Your School Rules!
Know Your School Rules!

Know Your School Rules!

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1. I come to school ready to learn. I arrive to school in time for Advisory.  I wear my uniform and have my required supplies, planner and homework. I get the sleep and nutrition I need to learn.
2. I am focused on my learning. I use different strategies to work on challenging tasks until I am successful. I arrive to class on time, get down to work and stay focused throughout the class.  I avoid distractions, including electronics.
3. I am a positive leader. I am proud of doing well in school.   I make good choices to do the right thing.  I help make our school a positive place by showing kindness and a willingness to help, and rejecting cruelty and bullying. I follow classroom and school procedures and rules, and I ask for help when I need it.
4. I am respectful of my school community. I show respect for all members of our community, including myself, students, staff and families. I respect personal space and keep my hands to myself. I know how to solve conflict appropriately, using words and not violence.
5. I am working on my dreams for my future. Achieving starts with believing!  I understand that success takes hard work, and I am building the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will take me wherever I want to go, including college and beyond. I have a bright future.

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