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Note-Taking Posters

Only 10% of a lesson may last in a student's memory, but students who take and review notes can recall 80% of a lesson. Despite this benefit, only 65% of all students take notes during class. One reason students may have trouble writing notes is that they're not sure how to write effective notes.
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A Genius writes things down.
Be smarter by taking brighter notes.
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10 Best Note Taking Practices
Proper note taking is key to a student's academic success. This poster lists the 10 best note taking practices. Beethoven and DaVinci were all devoted to their notebooks.
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Einstein took notes about the speed of light.
Recall 80% of a lesson by taking notes. Einstein knew the value of note taking writing countless equations.
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Beethoven’s Notebook Computer
Sound Advice on Taking Notes.
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Beethoven’s Notebook Scored.
Sharpen your students' note taking skills.
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DaVinci’s Notebook had Pull.
Raise your grades taking better notes.
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DaVinci’s Notebook Computer
Proper note taking plays a key role in a student's academic success. It is clear from our history that note taking has always been an important part of the learning process. Beethoven and DaVinci were all devoted to their notebooks.
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Alexander Graham Bell's Notebook
Alexander Graham Bell took sound notes.
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Darwin's Notebook
The origin of success starts in a notebook.
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Hey Genius, Take Notes. DaVinci
DaVinci wrote 50,000 pages of notes.
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Hey Genius, Take Notes. Beethoven
Beethoven wrote scores of notes.
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 Hey Genius, Take Notes. Einstein
Einstein's notebook and changed the world.
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