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Positive Behavior Banner - Sports
Positive Behavior Banner - Sports

Positive Behavior Banner - Sports

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Respect for All 
Respect the needs, feelings and opinions of others. Treat teachers, parents and other students politely. Be courteous; always use “Please” and “Thank you”. 
On Track for higher Knowledge 
Always strive to do your VERY best. Pay attention and listen attentively to others. Work with enthusiasm and never give up. 
Citizenship for Success
Treat other students, yourself and the environment as YOU want to be treated. Treat your body with pride and respect. Follow instructions carefully and correctly. 
Kindness to All
Consider the needs of others before your own. Stop/Think how your actions will affect others. Think of ways to bring happiness to others. 
Safety is our Goal 
Play it safe and never take unnecessary risks. Report problems and any potential violence. Be honest and encourage others to be truthful.

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