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Promise Academy Banners-Approval Required-Pending2
Promise Academy Banners-Approval Required-Pending#2

Promise Academy Banners-Approval Required-Pending2

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 D35 - Spread the Rules, Not the Virus.
Name on Banner: Promise Academy
1. Allow distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible.
2. All class sizes have been reduced. Students are advised to spread out.
3. When walking to classes, keep your arms folded or at your side.
4. Do not congregate in hallway, stairways or confined spaces.
5. Students, teachers, staff members and volunteers who are ill will be dismissed.
6. Some activities will be held outdoors and students are encouraged to spread out. 
7. Activities that don't adhere to social distancing will be cancelled. 
8. Wear your face coverings properly when in the classrooms and in the school building. 
9. Follow all school instructions that adhere to social distancing. 
10. Apply hand sanitizers and wash your hands frequently.

D45 - We can stomp out COVID-19 together, if we stay apart.
Name on Banner: Promise Academy
Maintain social distancing Stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. This helps prevent exposure to illness. Maintain proper social distancing whenever possible.
Practice good respiratory hygiene When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your bent elbow. Dispose of used tissues immediately. If you inadvertently cough or sneeze into your hands, wash your hands right away. Don’t share food, utensils, cups or anything else that might contain germs.
Wash your hands frequently Regularly clean your hands using soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer in-between hand washings and after touching common surfaces such as doorknobs, railings and tables.
Avoid touching your face Hands touch many common surfaces and can easily transfer a virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. That is a typical way people get sick.
Stay home when feeling ill If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, stay home and seek medical care early. It is best to call your healthcare provider in advance so they can direct you to the proper healthcare facility.

D41 - Back to School
Please practice safe social distancing & wear your mask!
Name on Banner: Promise Academy

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