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Rules & Regulations

Whether you're in kindergarten, middle school or high school, a list of official school rules that students are expected to follow is crucial to a safe learning school environment. These "Golden" rules may encompass behavior on campus, policies on tardiness and personal appearance and must be tailored to the needs of each individual school. While there is no simple formula for creating and writing a perfect set of school rules, there are a number of important components that have been associated with successful school rule programs.  Experts agree that these three golden rules seem to work best.  See examples of school rules below
1. Keep Rules Simple •  2. Write in a Positive Tone • 3. Display in Every Classroom
See 10 examples of the best school rules below.
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R.U.L.E.S. of  Excellence Poster
An Excellent set of rules with your school name.
item# D20
Traveling Safety Tips Poster
Make sure your students are safe when traveling to school.
item# D21
School Rules & School Regulations Poster
A patriotic set of school rules, policy and mission statement.
item# D25
Custom Follow the Rules Poster
Write your own set of rules to follow with your school name.
item# D17
School Rules & School Regulations Poster
Ready to follow school rules and regulations.
item# D18
Dress Code Rules Poster
Edit or create your own set of school dress rules.
item# D14
Dress Appropriately.
Teach students how to dress appropriately.
item# D15
Customized School Dress Code
Write your own set of school rules.
item# D16
Dress for Success.
Stress the importance of dressing for success.
item# D13
Wardrobe Malfunction.
Promote a better school atmosphere.
item# D11
Fashion Violation Poster
Dress codes help students concentrate less on clothes & more on academics.
item# D12
STOP-a-Bully Pledge Poster
TOP SELLER! Take the Bully Prevention Pledge.
item# B48
Internet Safety Pledge Poster
Student pledge & promote safe, responsible use of social media.
item# W19
High School Behavioral Matrix Poster
Edit or create your own school-wide behavioral expectations.
item# D26
Elementary Behavioral Expectations Matrix
Edit or create your own school-wide behavioral expectations.
item# D19
Kansas City Public School Banner
Set school policy for all visitors entering your school to see.
item# WELB
Model Student Elementary Banner
Set the school model for all students to follow and they will.
item# D22
Student Goals for My Life Banner
Set goals for students in school to follow for life.
item# D23
School Wide Expectations Banner
Set students rules and school wide expectations.
item# D24
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