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School Promotion

Think about it... how many times have you taken a second look at your school’s professional image? How many times have you judged another school based on the "LOOK" of their logo and school environment?
At Principals Essentials, our creative team will develop a professional image that best represents your school and its unique goals.

School Logo and Business Card Design:
Your school logo and school business cards are the front line image of your school. And since most of the community will judge a school by their image, consciously or unconsciously, it is imperative that your school logo and business cards portrays professionalism and high quality. It is also important to note that; often your students will associate themselves with your school’s branding image.
Principals Essentials will design and deliver school logos and business cards which always command the visual attention of the school and public community. For each logo project, our highly skilled design team develops several creative designs. Moreover, the quality material used to make our cards, as well as our printing process ensures that your school business cards will "feel" as great as they look!-
Brochure Design:
Brochure Design is often considered as a crucial marketing tool or short piece of advertisement, which can accelerate the growth of an organization by enlarging the scope of expansion as far as possible. Branding corporate identity through a booklet or pamphlet is the main purpose of good Brochure Design. Brochure Design can be of different types depending upon various issues such as its objective, its targeted audience, its structure and theme etc. -
A good Brochure Graphic Design can play a crucial role in consolidating the position of an organization in the brutally tough competitive market. As it is going to communicate the positive aspects of your school to the targeted customers or clients, your brochure has to be designed by a team of professional Brochure Designers.-
 A good Brochure Design can bridge the gap between school recruitment strategy of a school and its main purpose of image branding. For further information please contact us.
Letterhead Design:
A professional school letterhead design plays an important role in your daily school communication. Although it may be a simple sheet of stationery with your school logo and contact information, a professional letterhead design is the cornerstone of building your school’s brand identity.
A professional looking school letterhead design will help establish a school as a high effective and professional institution. A professional letterhead design sends the message that you, and your school, are “official” and established enough to meet and exceed your schools academic goals. 
In addition to making your school seem established, a letterhead will also build awareness of your brand. A letterhead design will serve as another way to display a school logo, and will be an important part of any school identity. The popularity of professional letterhead design has enabled schools to use their letterhead to highlight their logo design thereby creating both a great design, and a consistent brand identity.
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