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School Rules & School Regulations Poster
School Rules & School Regulations Poster

School Rules & School Regulations Poster

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1. All students are expected to show courteous behavior toward each other, faculty and staff, and visitors.
2. Attendance and promptness to school and all classes are compulsory.
3. Class cutting will not be tolerated.
4. Hall traffic should move freely during passing time, and there should be no loitering in halls, bathrooms and offices.
5. In order to promote safety, students should go only to those sections of the building where they have been scheduled.
6. Radios, ipods, tape recorders, CD players, cameras and other electronic devices should not be brought to school.
7. Students should not trespass at other schools.
8. In order to avoid disorderly or dangerous situations, students should follow directions from teachers in class or other school personnel.
9. Gang and gang-like activity will not be tolerated.
10. No gang-related paraphernalia is permitted.
11. Cursing, threatening people, fighting and attacking people are prohibited.
12. Gambling, stealing, and destroying property are prohibited.
13. Smoking in the building or on school grounds is prohibited.
14. Wearing hats and doo rags are not allowed.
15. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school in order that their clothes do not interfere with learning.
16. Drug use is not allowed. There are harsh penalties for those who use and promote the sale of any controlled substance. 

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