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School is OPEN Vinyl Poster

School is OPEN Vinyl Poster

Price: $25

Select Poster Size
18"x 24" for $25
24"x 33" for $45
36"x 48" for $75
Optional Lawn Mount $95 (Only Available for 18"x24")
18"x 24" Double-sided vinyl sign with metal stand
Poster Copy School is Open, Drive Safely signs were created to help reduce child injuries and accidents around schools. Every fall, over 55 million kids in the U.S. return to school after summer recess ends. Research shows that more than one-third of all drivers roll through stop signs in school zones. Remind drivers to always come to a complete stop for stop signs and school buses. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Posting these signs around your school zone can help keep your students out of harms way.

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