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3 Ways to Deal with Student Profanity.

1. Help Students Build a Better Vocabulary
Some individuals swear or use improper language because they feel they do not know any other words to express their uncomfortable feelings.  Help students broaden their vocabulary by encouraging them to read for 20 minutes a day.

2. Model the Use of Proper Language
Adults who swear or use poor language are only reinforcing its use with students.  Using poor language often becomes a habit.  Like most habits, swearing can be broken within 5 to 7 days of non-use. Let students know that the language they are using in school is just "practice" for when they go off to college or the work force.  

3. Establish a Profanity Free Zone
No one can swear or use foul language; not even the parent(s).  Swearing free and profanity free zones include poor language coming from media, television, radio and movies.  Song lyrics that contain foul swear words are all too common in today's teen music selections. 

If a student has been using curse words or other inappropriate language, it may take some time for him or her to break the habit.  Continue to remind your students of your expectations.  It doesn't take long for students to realize that part of the mutual respect is the lack of swearing. If profanity is blatant and direct, ask for an apology. Nine times out of ten, students will eventually catch themselves and self-correct.

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No Swearing Zone Poster
Create a "No Swearing Zone" in your school.
item# L1
Take Your Vocabulary  to New Heights.
Help students develop better language & learning skills.
item# L9
No Swearing Allowed Poster
Encourage students to not curse or swear.
item# L2
Watch Your Language Poster
Make students aware of their language skills & habits.
item# L8
Write Something Worth Reading Poster
Encourage students to practice reading & writing.
item# L11
“Outside a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to read.” - Groucho Marx
item# L15
Don't Monkey Around With Bad Language.
Put an end to student profanity, swearing and use of poor language in school.
item# L3
Don't Let Bad Language Get Out of Hand.
Encourage student to not develop bad language habits.
item# L6
Encourage students to read every day.
item# L12
Choose your words wisely. Look it UP!
Encourage students to build their vocabulary.
item# L21
Reading is the golden key that unlocks the door of knowledge.
Help students understand on the value of reading & writing.
item# L20
Vocabulary Wise Words Poster
Encourage students to improve their vocabulary skills.
item# L13
4 Ways to Improve  Your Language.
Helps students develop better learning & language skills.
item# L10
I am an eloquent speaker. Look it UP!
Encourage students to learn & practice new words every day.
item# L22
Take your vocabulary skills to the next level.
Encourage students to improve their vocabulary skills.
item# L14
“The greater your vocabulary, the more intelligent you will appear to those around you.” - Tina Jones
item# L19
Words to Swear By Poster
Give students an alternative to using poor language.
item# L5
Look it UP in a Dictionary!
Help students improve their language & writing skills.
item# L23
No Foul Language
Stop students from cursing or using foul language in school.
item# L24
Watch Your Words Poster
Create an awareness for preventing foul language in school.
item# L4
Watch What You Say Poster
Promote better language & verbal skills in school.
item# L7
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