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Zero  Tolerance Policy for Drug and  Alcohol Abuse

Zero Tolerance Policy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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This school has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive learning environment. Alcohol and drug abuse poses a threat to the health and safety of our students, teachers and community. We are committed to the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse in our lives.

Zero Tolerance School Rules
1. The presence of any detectable amount of any illegal drug, illegal controlled substance or alcohol in your body system, while attending this school, is prohibited.

2. Using, possessing, buying, selling, dispensing any illegal drug is prohibited.

3. Being under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug is prohibited.

4. Possessing or consuming alcohol is prohibited.

5. Any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia may be turned over to an appropriate law enforcement agency and may result in criminal prosecution.

This school will also not allow students to attend classes while taking prescribed drugs that are adversely affecting their ability to safely behave and effectively learn. Students taking a prescribed medication must carry it in a container labeled by a licensed pharmacist or be prepared to produce the container if asked.

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