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Perfect Attendance Goal Banner
Perfect school attendance is your GOAL. Your school start time printed on every tardiness prevention poster.
Item# A27
Safe Baseball Tardy Poster
Play it safe! Get students to school on time. Change 8:00 to any time. Increase attendance and academic performance.
Item# A29
Get Your Hands on a College Diploma.
Research suggests if you can't picture yourself being successful, chances are you never will. Help students visualize success.
Item# G68
Imagine Yourself with a College Diploma.
Top performers, like Michael Jordan, knew the importance of picturing themselves succeeding before they actually did it.
Item# G66
Multicultural Hello School Banner
This welcoming school banner is a great way to teach students about acceptance and how to respect and celebrate our differences.
Item# WB23
Welcome World  Back to School Banner (Customized)
A worldly, welcome back to school vinyl banner is a great way to greet students, faculty and staff back to the school building.
Item# WB18
Mindful Raise Hand Poster
RAISE student awareness and class participation. Help students focus better, understand better and reduce stress by living each moment.
Item# M19
Be Mindful  Moment Poster
BE MINDFUL of the Moment. Teach mindfulness, increase student awareness and involvement in all aspects of school life.
Item# M12
Educational Posters