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Perfect Attendance Goal Custom Banner
If perfect school attendance is your GOAL, this is the tardiness prevention banner for you! Your school start time is printed on every tardy poster.
Item# A27
Success takes shape with a college diploma.
The benefits of a college education take shape when you earn a college diploma. Help increase college enrollment in your school.
Item# G69
Safe Baseball Tardy Poster
Play it safe! Get students to school on time. Change 8:00 to any time. Increase attendance and academic performance.
Item# A29
Imagine Yourself with a College Diploma.
Top performers, like Michael Jordan, knew the importance of picturing themselves succeeding before they actually did it.
Item# G66
Multicultural Hello School Banner
This welcoming school banner is a great way to teach students about acceptance and how to respect and celebrate our differences.
Item# WB23
UNPLUG Mindfulness Poster
Unplug students from stress for better mental and physical health. Mindfulness helps improve memory, self-confidence and reduce anxiety.
Item# M25
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